Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of ordering my Vespa? Y
ou choose the Vespa style, the color of the painting, and for the upholstery. We make a purchase order by email and you pay a down payment of 50% of the total amount.
Payments can be made by PayPal, bank cheque, transfer or cash, only physically for the latter. You will recei
ve images of your vespa from the state before restoration and during, until the "cashing out". You will pay the remaining balance on the day of deli

very. How long does it take to deliver my ves
pa? As soon as the order is confirmed by the payment of the deposit, our delivery time is 4 months (2 months of restoration, 2 months of transport, customs clearance, and registration). The restoration time can vary depending on the different Balinese "ceremonies.How c

an I be sure that my Vespa is authentic, made in Italy by Piaggio?" It
is possible to check with the chassis number or engine number via this site. As soon as we begin the restoration of your Vespa, we will tell you the details of your Vespa.C

an I receive an official Piaggio Certificate of Origin of Complian
ce? Yes, for those who wish, we can deliver all our vespas, with an official certificate of origin issued by Piaggio Vespa.
The cost of the certificate is 150 euros (billed by Piaggio)

. Can I drive on the roads of France with my Vespa in good standing?
Of course. The Vespas and Vespas – sidecar, are cleared and delivered with the original papers, and the collection grey card ready to be registered and insured under your
name. Also, the original logbook containing all the information: date and port of import, chassis number and engine number, all successive owners since importation will be provi

ded. Why do you only restore VNB and VNC, VNL or Sidecar?
These 3 vespa models are the most sought after (and most elegant). Especially as these models become increasingly rare over the years (particularly the 125 VNB). So if you like the rounded look of the wings and VNB fenders, there's still time to en
joy it. Vespas Sidecars are not produced anywhere in France when demand is very high.
Ma Vespa allows the importation of these Sidecars built on site in Indonesia and register with grey card category Z.1 collection and S.1 Sidec

ar (duo). Is it possible to order a 150cc
Vespa? Yes, if you would like to buy a Vespa 150cc VBB, VBC or VLB, please contact us for a quote. The restorations are the same as well as the delivery time

s. Are Vespas under warranty? Ou
r collection vespas are on average over 40 years old. We cannot give a mechanical guarantee. If t
he break-in period as well as the gasoline mixture is well respected, the 2 times remain very solid and last for l
ife. We are sure you will be satisfied with your Vespa. Our customers are our best advertisement.


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