Restoration time:Ea
ch restoration takes about 2 months of dedicated work during which all the lucky owners will receive images of their vespa, before restoration (in its "juice"), during the restoration (decapitated, epoxy, painting, reassembly,…), until the "cashing".
The selection of your authentic Vespa
: All our vespas were imported from Italy in the early 1960s to Indonesia. They were all made in Italy. It is possible to do the verification with the chassis number or engine num
ber here. We select your Vespa VNB, VNC or VNL with a strong chassis and frames providing a solid foundation of work.  We only restore from the best frames. Disa
ssembly and preparation of restoration
: Vespas are completely stripped. Only the original body parts for the chassis number, as well as the two engine casings for engine numbers and good gables, are kept. Everything else is NEUF! See details below:
Body restoration: The
body is completely stripped and restored in "the rules of the art". A first layer of high-quality anti-rust epoxy primer is applied, followed by a light putty and a second layer of epoxy.  
We add a layer after painting the Vespas in the color of your choice. THE INDUSTRIAL-strength CAR ICI paint offers corrosion resistance and rust insulation (seaside residents don't have to worry). Finally the vespas are varnish
ed. Engine restora
tion: As far as engines are concerned, only the two casings are kept for engine numbers and goo
d gables. As for the rest, everything is new: Cylindre, breech, piston, joint, embalming, Dell 'Orto carburetor, transmission (4 speeds), ignition, stainless stee
l exhaust. As soon as your Vespa is delivered, an engine run-in will be expec
ted for your first outi
ngs. Cycle part restoration: The same is true for accessories such as controllers, steering head, front and rear suspensions, bearings, front and rear brakes, cables, sheaths, rubber joints and trims, headlights and taillights with new bulbs, speedometer, Klaxon, Sellerie, Tires, tire covers, Kick, clutch and brake levers and rear brakes , chrome tank cap, nuts and bolts.
The original vespa (Piaggio) parts for older models no longer exist. All the new components of the engine, come from all over the world, from different manufacturers (there are dozens just for the same part …). In more than ten years, Raphael, (the owner of the workshop) has had time to test many parts and ended up deciding on the most reliable quality parts and not the cheapest (Saving 2 euros on a piston makes no sense). We aspire to be a quality reference and not reap problems. Our customers are our best advertisement.


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